Mission Taco Joint

Photo by Cristina M. Fletes St. Louis Post-dispatch

THE BEST tacos place that I have ever have in my entire life.

They are almost on the level and the same standards if they were cook from Mexico itself. Here is one thing that I have to tell you, I loved Mexican food like crazy and addicted to eating Mexican food. When I visited the capital in Mexico for a week, it was heaven on Earth. I was having the three meals of the day tacos, breakfast tacos, lunch

Photo by Maria Jose Almeida

tacos, and dinner tacos all-day Mexican food as it expected. You have any idea what it felt like, tasting their candy, to see how they make tortillas, and enjoy every single day that I was staying there. I can say it felt like a spa to my tongue and my stomach.

Eating there it has a great atmosphere, and the decoration was modern art with the urban culture of Mexico. Eating there it felt like I was melting away my problems and at the same time to let my problems go, I did not care about if I get fat. You have to try it without exception, and it is mandatory the “Carne Asada” Taco, they have someone in the kitchen which maybe he is an angel from heaven cooks in there. If the chef or someone in the kitchen is putting cocaine or crack in their food that wouldn’t surprise me at all. I not even kidding they taste so good it makes you feel like you are floating in the clouds. The menu for their tacos some of them are not traditional Mexican, and they are more like a local invention of the combination of Tex-Mex like the BBQ duck or the Baja taco. I am not saying they are bad but the opposite it and I give them points in creative in a way to make tacos. Just with one bite, you get a numb feeling in your mouth and then powerful goosebumps coming from your back. It is that good.

Their burritos are also good I do recommend the “brah’rito” because the sauce and the texture of that burrito are like eating a puffy cloud of sour cream and hot sauce. They make the way I like it, saucy from the inside and well done on the meat.

The place also has a cocktail menu crafted by themselves, and the one who got my attention is the frozen margarita. I love it and is like a lemonade smoothie but alcoholic and refreshing. Another one in the craft cocktail menu is the Zombie a little overpowering, and it kicks a lot. Like it raising you from the dead, get it, raise you from the dead. Ok, bad joke.

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