The Crown Candy of Three Generations

In the northern part of St Louis, there is a place it took me back in time. I did not what kind of place it was or what kind of food they got. The only thing that I heard from this place is they do have great milkshakes and candy. Which the first time I got there it seems to be more a like a random general store in the city, but it got the charm of a friendly neighborhood general store for the kids.

The place is so old and historic since they open in 1903 by Harry Karandzieff and his best friend, Pete Jugaloff. After four generations of Harry’s family, they still open until this day and serving candy with a family environment and their delicious creation of candy.

Photo By ann-Dabney

They do have in their way his style of milkshake and candy. They sale licorice, gummies, jelly beans and another kind of sweets. I was even surprised that they have candies with coke flavor. It was a family environment, by looking at the architecture and felt I went want to the 1920’s. Even the tables way old is the combination of 60’s dinner with a 20’s structures and comfort. They have like little radios with an old song which they do not work but is like to watch an ancient relic from the past.

The moment that enters to this place my thought process that this is an early dinner they have your typical food for a cafe, so they have a roast beef cheddar melt serve with a side of chips and a pickle which they make even better.  This dish was excellent a plate for you at the time of lunch. That melted cheese combine with the meat it was an explosion of flavors and with a single bite with the pickle makes it so much better.

From other places they do milkshakes, they do not do it like the traditional dinners from the 60’s. It is hard to find one of those locations, but here is one and they are epic. They even make ice cream soda which not many dinners have that on their menus or even make it. They are legendary, and this place makes it, I do recommend especially for the younger generation to come to try it.


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