The Pizzeria Lou Malnati’s

I pretty sure you heard pizza pie or deep dish pizza?File_002

Well, it is Chicago is favorite dish because is their version of how to make pizza and they do hold the reputation for their pizza. I heard about this and settled my self for a trip to Chicago and went on a road to the windy city of Chicago. The last time I was in the city before when I was 7 or 8 and last time I did know about that dish.

I know should convince my parents if we can have some of it, but I was a kid from Ecuador I did not meet my passion for food back then. So don’t look to blame me, got it?

Many of the people they get confused the term of this dish if it is pizza pie or a deep dish? It is confusing If you are not from Chicago that ok people get confused all the time with this kind of pizza.

Lou Malnati, the owner of the restaurant, started working in the first deep dish Pizzeria of this town before open his pizzeria with her wife on March 17, 1971. They have several locations around Chicago. The one I went with my group of friends at the pizzeria in N State St. and the place is excellent. It was my first time eating a deep dish pizza, I mean I ate a pan pizza from Dominos pizza thinking it was like that. Yes I know, is not the same thing and doesn’t count either. I am pretty sure that I just insulted that dish by comparing those two things and a fool thinking like that.

I order a personal size the Malnati Chicago Classic with mushroom and anchovies

Side of the garlic bread

because why not, right? It took 30 min to make it, not that I am complaining about the service, but delicious things need to be prepared nicely done. The waitress did warn me about the wait so they will give you a head up if you want to order that. If you are one those people who are impatient or just hungry feeling like eating a horse, I do recommend the garlic bread. I am telling you the wait is worth it. The texture is soft and saucy like a pie or a lasagna kind on the surface, but man it is good. I did love it, and maybe they are more restaurant like this, but it was awesome.


I did love the place and enjoy the atmosphere sitting outside of the restaurant. Relaxing and watching the people walking around and look the tall building of the city. I do File_001recommend to eat in this place an try their pizza. Even the city it was looking great, and I think is my kind of kind of town. I did love the sites and enjoy the atmosphere of the area sitting outside of the restaurant.



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