What’s up Boardwalk Cafe?!


Have you ever wanted to find a place and to eat an excellent breakfast, brunch or lunch?

Well, think boardwalk cafe is perfect for you. The place it has is own rustic little restaurant of the community. You got your places for breakfast like IHOP or The House of Pancakes they great but is too mainstream.IMG_7455

Boardwalk Cafe is your little cafe of the community. Located at Webster Grove on the outskirts of the city of St Louis. Like I said the place is rustic tying to be like your typical American dinner, but it was their style that makes think unique. It has its essence it feels this place part of the community. Most of the people who come to eat are senior between their 50 to their 70. The college student also happens to get an excellent breakfast. I did enjoy my meal and having the time to work in my studies.

One thing is for sure they do deliver fast service. The waitresses where so calm and sweet to their costumers. Even one of the customer who brought their kids they were so cool with them. One of the waitress star to play with them for a moment which I thought that was cute and awesome.

They do have an extensive menu of deliciousness make you drool from your mouth. I do recommend to try the skillet. I order a Gravy skillet which it has fries topped with two eggs, chopped sirloin meat, onion, tomato, pepper, Monterey jack, and cheddar. I never tried one before and glad this was the place to tried it. The gravy gave the flavor, and the meat with the cheese gave that sweet looking image.

They have omelets, burger, and warps which I do recommend to try it. The service is fast IMG_7459and friendly. The best part of it is affordable, especially for all college student who are having economic problems. Just go there and see for yourself.


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