The best BBQ Joint in the city of St Louis


Who loves meat? Who likes to cook meat on the grill? Well, Pappy’s Smokehouse is the place for you for all the people who love meat. Pappy’s Smokehouse is in the top seven of the best BBQ joints in the city of St. Louis. Winner of three consecutive years for the “Best Barbecue” after it opened in 2008. They appeared on the popular TV show “Man vs. Food” with Adam Richman whom they honor him by naming a dish in their menu call The “Adam” Bomb. Pappy’s Smokehouse even was nominated for having the best Ribs in America. Everyone from the Food network loves this place like the Huffington Post, The Daily Meal, Thrillist, and The Wendy Williams Show.

Mike Emerson co-owner and the face of Pappy’s Smokehouse is the man behind the scene of the whole joint. Emerson is a St. Louis native, with a long history in the restaurants business.

What kind of meat do they serve in this place? It is a slow smoke to a juicy perfection over apple and cherry wood smoky flavor meat. They cook pork, beef briskets, pulled chicken, and turkey. It is the complete set of ingredients on an excellent grill outside in your backyard. It is the dream place for any meat lover to enjoy at this joint.

It has the rustic place of a smokehouse from any part of Memphis. Outside they have five IMG_7473ovens they cook every day to keep up the number of customers they receive every day.

Here is the truth about this place. It is difficult to describe the taste of the food because it is so good how they cook the meat. With an order of pulled pork with a side of beans and corn, you are all set to travel to a paradise of flavor. It has no description of the taste that I put in my mouth, and it makes it even better with the BBQ sauce. What kind of BBQ sauce do I recommend? Everything that they have and yes it is mandatory to try all of them their IMG_7493sauces which they have four types of sauces. All of them they are delicious as they sound like the “Sweet Baby Jane” or the “Hoodoo” sauce. All of those sauces are so good, and they go with that soft, tender and well cook meat.

Go ahead and try it is delicious from grill heaven.


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