Poke Doke a new style of sushi?!

IMG_7609I do not have the words to express of this new place recommended to me. Not only this place has a catchy name and the concept of this dish so far it been favorite so far. It is also famous from coast to coast in the USA. A bowl with a straightforward idea yet very popular around the country. The question to myself is where has I and why I have not heard this before?!

Andrew Shih, the owner along with his brothers and sister(Leon, Annie, and Steve) they worked together to start this business. Shih along with his siblings did a research marketIMG_7621 in the city of St Louis what kind of idea they wanted to bring. Shih traveled around the country on different spots of poke bowl to have a sense of this new concept. Therefore bringing this dish to us lovers of Poke and future lover of Poke.

Poke doke it been called “the next sushi” or “the natural progression of sushi.” It is the fast version of sushi compared with sushi on the go. The idea became popular on the west coast.

IMG_7626Poke consist chunks of raw fish with a sum of soy sauce and sesame oil. Spruce up with vegetables like green onions, chilies or ginger. Shih picked an excellent collection sauces for this rarity of chow and each one a different level of spiciness.  This plate might be sound like ceviche but without being cooked. It allures the creativity of Japanese cuisine with dishes from Hawaii that make it a more complicated way to interpret.

Like Chipotle service, you can customize your bowl with any topping they have. Poke Doke does have other items on the menu that you can choose from miso soup, potstickers, crab rangoon, pork buns, fruit smoothies and bubble tea. If you are still undecided about this place, I do encourage to try it. It is delicious and straightforward concept that Poke Doke it serve you.

Poke Doke’s bowls they come in three sizes, prices range from $7 to $12 which for those who love sushi they might be your place. It is half of the cost compared with a sushi restaurant.


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