A piece of Mexico in St Louis

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 10.55.27 AM.pngA little restaurant in Cherokee street, there is a man named Jose Luis Flores, and he is like the many other people who came to this country for a better life. Flores travel in 1985 to the US working several jobs most of them in the restaurants either serving tables or washing dishes. With no experience in the restaurant business, he manages to create a restaurant with authentic Mexican food.

You want something authentic from Mexico they go it. You want to new things you have not tried before from Mexico; Taqueria El Bronco is one of the places to go. Comparing with other Mexican restaurants like Baja Taco or El Maguey this one wins for a mile for authenticity. Moreover, they bring a piece land of Mexico to the USA.

Flores open taqueria El Bronco in 2001, and they have been serving their costumer’s original recipes from the motherland. A dish they serve there is the green or red chilaquiles which is a fried tortilla strip softened with tangy green sauce, the right amounts of seasoned, shredded chicken, a dusting of cotija cheese and sour cream on the top. It is an excellent way to finish a good hangover story.


Few restaurants they served this dish called Topes (Recommendation from the owner) is a dense crisp-edge masa cake (Fresh masa made from the kitchen), best with a salty flavor, beef al pastor (shepherd style) or chorizo and layered with buttery avocado, crema, and queso fresco.

Even their tacos are the real thing compared with other Mexican restaurants because of the selection of tacos on their menu. They have more variety of tacos besides your regular ones like the fish tacos or carne asada. They have tacos of beef tongue, carnitas, Chicken Fajita or Shredded Chicken in Red Sauce, chorizo, ham, sausage, cesos (Beef Brains), Steak Fajita, suadero (A part of the cow between the belly and leg) y tripas (tacos casings). This what I meant by authentic Mexican food.

Tacos and Topes
Tacos carne asada and Topes

Favorite beverages from Mexico like Juice of tamarind or horchata an everyday drink from Mexico. The also serve Micheladas another favorite made with beer, lime juice, piquant seasonings (or Pico de Gallo), and sometimes tomato juice. Even they got soft drinks like Jarritos and soda in glass exported from Mexico which is different comparing the sodas of this country.


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