The place to have breakfast tacos in the morning

A rustic place with a creative menu and with an odd name. The EGG is the place for you serving four meals of the day (The fourth is brunch, and yes it counts). For the breakfast-lovers and brunch-lovers, this might be the place for you. You will be EGGcited to find this place, uh?

Sorry, moving on!!

The looks of this place they maintained to feel it cozy for the customer. The best description of the looks of the restaurant, it has a little hipster touch as one way to put it. The dinner is located at Beston Park, a 2,000 square-foot restaurant that once inside it has the form of an industrial place. Decorated with some industrial materials like pallets and wood making the area more rustic. The site is very cozy, but for future reference, they need get a new coffee nook and better music.

The menu consists a combination of traditional breakfast and Mexican cuisine. A place where they serve Mexican food early in the morning it is a jackpot for people who love Mexican food which includes me.

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Their sopes which are cornmeal dough or what they called in Spanish a masa they turn it into the shape of a cup. On the top consists meat and veggies, in this case, chorizo with eggs, with avocado, cheese, and good tomatillo salsa.

You should try their french toast which they taste and feel the soft texture of fluffy clouds. The blueberry sauce makes it even extra sweet but what took me by surprise that has mascarpone. What is Mascarpone? It an Italian cream they put on the top of the french toast that makes it so delicious. img_2957

It is rare they serve in the morning cocktails in the morning. What is most unusual is they serve recently squeezed orange juice which is fantastic. Not many places they serve fresh orange juice.

Egg’s current hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 7 am to 2 pm as well as Saturday through Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm.

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