Cooking like a boss, in a month!!??

You know the feeling if you work hard for your food it gets a better flavor? That feeling makes me feel the sense of accomplishment what is in your mouth.

Chicken Pillard and olive raisin sauce


If you have been following on my twitter (@theguywithfood) or my Facebook page you know that I like to cook. I want to say I got pretty good at my cooking skills by just following simple recipes. The taste of my cooking made it so enjoyable I can’t describe it. Either that or somebody hit me really hard in the head leaving me my sense of taste all in cahoots not knowing the difference between good taste and a bad one. Now you are wondering, how or where did I learn to cook like a boss within in a month?

Two words, Blue. Apron.

The first time that I heard it in an ad while I was listening to my favorite podcast. My first thought was I don’t have to go to the supermarket when they bring the ingredients to my house. I said to myself “Well, how hard it can be?”

Guys, just hear me out.


It was pretty way easier than I thought. You question yourself either you are a natural chef or somebody erase your memory, and somebody else paid to cook for you. It is hard to describe how good my cooking turns out so right, but mouth was numb because of my food. I just couldn’t believe how easy was to cook these recipes.

The services of Blue Apron will send you the ingredients for you cook, depending on what you want to cook. They will send you two or three recipes and depends on the monthly plan you choose how many people you are planning to serve.

You are wondering what kind of recipes they will it is? Well, I starters with methods of cooking that they are mostly from the Mediterranean, Asian or American. It feels the great accomplishment to make something that you never tasted before. I cannot make it even more clear how good my food turns out to be. One of the recipes that I made was a sandwich with sweet potatoes on the side.


Sheet pan curry chicken & vegetables

I can’t even…… it was…… it was THE best sandwich I have ever made in my life.


If you want to cook excellent food just get Blue Apron, you won’t regret this decision.

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