A Guerrilla group attacks the streets with delicious food

In the beginning, there was a food truck serving people food around the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and calling themselves “Guerrilla Street Food.” Now their army growing by numbers a settling ambushes around the town with their restaurants. Their weapon of choice to serve to their clients is Philipinian cuisine.   

One of the four locations and is located at 6120 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri

The first time that I try any food from Asia, it was the best thing ever that I ever try. The first one was Chinese like rice with shrimp, Wantang, beef and broccoli, and my favorite Chinese steamed pork buns. Fast forward years later, and it was the Japanise cuisine that I felt in love with the sushi, ramen, miso soup, and so many more that eating by the thousand. Until this moment, I’m in love with all Asian cultures, and I was willing to eat anything from Asian countries.


When I heard this place, I didn’t know I was gonna try Philippian food. I didn’t realize I was eating food from the Philipines. To be honest, I didn’t know until I did some research on this place, and now I can cross eating Philippian food out of my bucket list.

All I got to say the food of “Guerilla Steet Food” is so simple, at the same time such a genius and so good.

The leaders of this Guerrilla army are Joel Crespo and Brian Hardesty, who come with the idea to bring Philipinian cuisine. Both of them come up with the idea to start small with simple dishes from the Philipines.

Brian Hardesty, one of the owners of “Guerrilla Street Food.”

Crespo is from the Philipines, and Crespo’s family influence Hardesty into cook Philipinian food. “He [Crespo] would come to my restaurants, and I would, you know, go, Hey, should taste this or what do you think of that?” said Hardesty. “Joel’s family would let me taste, and then  I would learn what it meant to make that this and the ingredients involved and the techniques.”

Crespo and Hardesty, they are long time friends since high school with a dream of someday having their own food truck. “We start talking about food and, eventually, that conversation led to open up her own restaurant, but you know, we can’t afford a IMG_0388restaurant,” said Hardesty. “How can we make that happen? Well, a food truck was brand new back in 2008, and nothing like that existed in st Louis. In 2009, we were like, “if we don’t do this, we’re going to miss the boat.” And then, in 2010, we got to do this.” 

The one that I order it called Wandering Pig the first time I try there, and I can say it one of my favorite ones of this place is a pulled pork shoulder with hoisin, sriracha, and calamansi. According to the Guerrilla menu, they also steamed jasmine rice and topped with fried garlic, black sesame, and green onion.

Wandering pig: a pulled pork shoulder with hoisin, sriracha, and calamansi over steamed jasmine rice and topped with fried garlic, black sesame, and green onion. Accompanied by a Sisig taco and long strips of mango.

It so simple, so delicious, and at the same time such a genius idea to serve the people. At this point, I don’t know who to give thanks to who? The people of Philipines coming up with these recipes. Or to Crespo and Hardesty for bringing and cooking these delicacies that they are to kill.


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