The simple Fish and Chips recipe from England

Ello govna….

What? too much? Ok, Fair enough.

This recipe is from the island of England, and yes, I know the cuisine is not that great. They have a reputation for having the worst food in the entire continent of Europe. Except for this recipe, which is the most straightforward dish to cook in all the pubs of England.

Ok, I know it’s not an elaborate dish that you must make it that you must spend hours in the kitchen. Here is the thing with this dish; in my opinion, it is perfect for street food and pubs.

I’m not a complicated guy when it comes to food as long they taste and look good; I’m good. Fish and chips for me are like to eat a burger when I’m feeling to eat something from the sea. Like the name says, you need fish and chips (French fries if you are from the USA). Only this time, I can tell you the version of how I did it.

One more thing, you can eat fish and chips without a sauce. Many people can eat it with ketchup, mayo, or maybe mustard; I don’t know. I decide to eat it with tartar sauce, which I will also tell you how to make. Don’t worry. I got you. 

With Out furthermore here is how I made it:


  • Sea Bass
  • Beer
  • Cornstarch
  • Flour
  • Baking powder
  • Potatoes

How to make: Fish

  1. The first step is to dry the sea bass. 
  2. Grab is a big bowl and mixes the beer, Cornstarch, and baking powder.
  3. In a plate full of flour and added to the seabass 
  4. Once that the sea bass covered with flour just dipped in the mix and fried in a big pan

How to make: Chips or fried potatoes

  1. Peel the potatoes
  2. Cut the potatoes in the long strip, so they look like fries or chips.
  3. Fried them in a pot with oil, or you can put them in the oven.

How to make: Tartar sauce

  1. Just mix on a plate mayo, carper, cutting little pieces of onions and Dijon Mustard.

As I said, it is not the most delicious dish that England can provide, but it sure helps you with your drunkenness at the pub. Right?     

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